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We aim to help every person who wants to start making a living wage of their online activities from the comfort of their home.

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Transform everyday actions in earning opportunities.

Explore a universe where every site view, every offer completed, every banner shown...In short, every action becomes an opportunity to earn money.

  • Neat n clean code structure.
  • Flexible module structure
  • Copy / Paste and Ready to use

Included Software Dependencies

Bower - Grunt - Sass Dependencies for easy project flow management.

  • Grunt - No need to update plugins manually
  • Grunt - Less work you have to performance
  • Sass - Most Powerful CSS extension language




UI Elements


Form Elements




Tursted Product

We increasingly grow our talent and skills in admin dashboard development.


Online Documentation

Documentation helps you in every steps on your entire project.


Free Updates & Support

Fast and accurate outline during support. Low turnaround time.

Pricing Table

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Beginner Plan


Pay little enjoy the product for life time.

  • First basic feature
  • Second feature goes here
  • Any other third feature
  • And the last one goes here

Premium Plan


Pay only for what you use. Flexible payment options.

  • First premium feature
  • Second premium one goes here
  • Third premium feature here
  • Final premium feature